AutoEnterprise offers the service of charging your electric vehicle in our network of charging stations.

After registering in your account, you can manage the list of your vehicles and the costs of charging them.

During charging, the system separately takes into account the cost of the transmitted electricity and the time of use of the charging station.

Tariffs on new generation stations:

  • Per kWh:
    • per 1 kWh price vary from 1,97 to 3,15 UAH
  • Connector lease:
    • on 10 kW station = 22,50 UAH\h
    • on 20 kW station = 45,00 UAH\h
    • on 40 kW station = 60,00 UAH\h

Tariffs on old generation stations:

  • Per-minute price:
    • on 10 kW station = 0,50 UAH\h
    • on 20 kW station = 3,00 UAH\h

Write-off occurs from your balance after disconnecting the connector from your car.

To start charging, you must have at least 200 UAH on your personal account.

Deposit in the account and see the history of replenishments and expenses you can in the section Balance